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Bach Remedies
Bach Remedies- CHILL :: from $15.00 (AUD)

This bottle may contain the answer to many of your concerns. Especially blended by a qualified aromatherapist and qualified Bach Flower remedy expert to her own secret tried and true recipe.These recipes are completely harmless. Combined with your love and care,they have the ability to gently and positively influence negative emotional states. Research suggests the Bach Flower Remedies significantly improve the state of animals in 75-80% of cases when conventional medicine has not helped.

Chill is for a bossy bitch who likes to dominate you and everyone around the place. She may snap and snarl when she can't get her own way or bark aggressively long after the watch dog requirement is complete. Be assertive and firm, use this remedy and she'll soon work out who's boss.

Four drops in dog's water daily. Change water daily and add fresh drops.

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