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Beds, Cushions and Pet Mats
Snoozafill :: from $14.00 (AUD)

Our super smart Snoozafill is a special blend of foam & fibre specifically designed for pets. It provides the perfect combination of stability & comfort - soft enough for your pet to 'nest' but firm enough to cushion. With our zippered cushions & inners you can put as much or as little filling in your bed as you like, freshen up the filling when it needs it & washing is a breeze (ideally suited to our Laundry Bag)!

Our way of thinking - Snooza beds are filled with a very specific amount of Snoozafill. Whilst it might seem kinder to buy your pet the bed with the most fill, please consider that to get the most warmth, they need to be able to immerse themselves - it's no good being perched on top.

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