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About shipping

Getting your order to you efficiently and affordably is our priority. Here are some common questions.

When and how do you ship my order?

What happens if there are unexpected delays?

We will e-mail any unforeseen delays to all customers and await instructions.

What do we do before we ship your order?

All goods are pre-checked and leave here in excellent condition. Every care is taken to ensure that you receive your order in optimum condition.

Can I contact you about my order?

Should you have a question or not be entirely satisfied please contact us at and we will be happy to discuss any matters you may have.

What about large or awkward items - I can't see a shipping price for them?

Shipping costs do not apply to special delivery or flagged items (over 20kg). Please contact us at for quotes.

Please note prices are subject to change without notice.

How to we work out the cost of shipping?

Separate delivery fees are chargeable for each delivery address. We pack goods together if possible to save on costs. Our site works out the cost of shipping based on the weight of your order and the local postcode area that you live in. Most orders can be automatically priced.



We use a range of postcodes to allocate shipping costs. These are listed below for your information.

Brisbane Q1 4000-4224,4226-4299,4500-4549,9000- 9299,9400-9596,9700-9799.

Near Qld. Q2 4300-4449,4500-4699,9597-9599,9880-9919.

Mid Qld Q3 4450-4499,4700-4805,9920-9959.

Nth Qld Q4 4806-4899,9960-9999.

Adelaide S1 5000-5199,5800-5999.

Other SA S2 2880,5200-5749.

N.Territory N1 0800-0999.

Perth W1 6000-6205,6800-6999.

Mid WA W2 6206-6699

Nth WA W3 6700-6799

Tasmania T1 7000-7999

Sydney N1 1000-2263,2500,2530,2555-2574,2740-2786,2890.

Other NSW N2 0200-0299,2264-2484,2485-2486,2487-2499, 2531-2554,2575-2639,2642-2647,2649-2714,2716,2720- 2730,2787-2879,2881-2889,2891-2898,2900-2999,3689-3690,4225.

Melbourne V1 3000-3220,3335-3341,3425-3443,3750-3811,3910-3920,3926- 3944,3972-3978,3980-3983,8000-8999.

Other Vic V2 2648,2715,2717-2719,2731-2739,3221-3334,3342-3424,3444-3688,3812-3909,3921-3925,3945-3971,3979,3984-3999.

Did we answer your question?

No, please contact us directly with your question, we're a real business, so you can talk to us!