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Bernies Column
Bernies Column


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Hi Wendy and Bernadette
My name is Robyn and I am a DOD member and have 3 dogs (lovely lovely English Staffordshire bull terriers - Maui, Wahine and Hana) and 3 cats (DSH black, DSH tabby and a lilac tortie birman - Chloe, Rex and Star). My problem is with Rex.
Rex is a roly-poly (as opposed to fat) short haired tabby cat and is 12 years old. Recently (last 3 to 4 months) he has developed dandruff along his back and he is shedding like crazy when I pat him - but he doesn't have any bald spots.  I've been to the vet and they suggested Revolution (to make sure it isn't fleas) so I tried that and nothing happened. So I went back and they said maybe he need hormone replacement therapy. Now as Rex isn't in any apparent discomfort and is still gobbling his food almost as much as normal, the thought of shoving a hormone pill down his throat every day is guaranteed to cause him more distress than it is worth.
Can you suggest any other treatments that I could try?
Thanking you
Question from Lisa.
hi. My name is Lisa and i have a pom x shui dog  9 months of age. How can i stop her from barking, she hears other dogs