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Bernies Column

Questions to

Hi Wendy and Bernadette
My name is Robyn and I am a DOD member and have 3 dogs (lovely lovely English Staffordshire bull terriers - Maui, Wahine and Hana) and 3 cats (DSH black, DSH tabby and a lilac tortie birman - Chloe, Rex and Star). My problem is with Rex.
Rex is a roly-poly (as opposed to fat) short haired tabby cat and is 12 years old. Recently (last 3 to 4 months) he has developed dandruff along his back and he is shedding like crazy when I pat him - but he doesn't have any bald spots.  I've been to the vet and they suggested Revolution (to make sure it isn't fleas) so I tried that and nothing happened. So I went back and they said maybe he need hormone replacement therapy. Now as Rex isn't in any apparent discomfort and is still gobbling his food almost as much as normal, the thought of shoving a hormone pill down his throat every day is guaranteed to cause him more distress than it is worth.
Can you suggest any other treatments that I could try?
Thanking you
Wendy's Answer.
Hi Robyn
Thank you for telling me about your cat, Rex.
However, as a quick treatment, try just one drop of pure essential oil of lavender mixed with about a teaspoon of vegetable oil. ( Ideally sweet almond oil, but you can use anything really, providing it's vegetable NOT mineral i.e. baby oil ) Put a small amount of the blend in the palm of your hand and massage/stroke Rex along his back using the pads of your fingers. Do this daily for a week. He'll love it, and the others will be envious of their sweet smelling brother! 
I will let you know when I have done some further research, but as he is not distressed at all, I'm sure the condition can be cleared up simply and gently without resorting to chemicals.
Wendy and Bernadette 
Update from Wendy for Robyn.
How did you go with the lavender massage? Hopefully there's been some improvement. I would also like to suggest the addition of finely chopped leafy greens to his food as he may not be getting sufficient from the garden and need a boost of Vit C. You might also like to include an oily fish dish once a week. Something like sardines. Cats are often difficult to convince when you give them something new to try, but a little crushed garlic and yeast would also be beneficial additions to Rex's diet, if he doesn't turn his nose up!
Obviously, keep up the massage/grooming and I feel sure the condition will improve rapidly. 
W & B 
Question from Lisa.
hi. My name is Lisa and i have a pom x shui dog  9 months of age. How can i stop her from barking, she hears other dogs
Wendy's Answer.
Dear Lisa
The short answer is, you can't stop your dog from barking, not totally anyway. It's one of the quickest and most effective ways to get your attention. You can however, learn to identify what he's actually saying.
Barking can indicate a range of things.  Before you can address the problem, you need to establish  WHY. Is your dog anxious, lonely, bored...or just excited? Just like people, dogs respond to stimuli (or lack of it) differently and our responses to their behaviour influences it significantly. In other words, dogs work out very quickly, what effect their behaviour can have. Let me give you an example. If a dog barks at the front door when someone knocks and the owners response is to yank him out the back and isolate him, he learns that someone visiting is a negative thing. This association may eventually lead to the dog biting someone. Alternatively, if the dog is told to sit and be quiet (perhaps with the use of a check chain) then praised for this good behaviour and the visitor is permitted to pat him, he's learning good manners, and that visitors are a positive thing.
Most obviously, barking is a warning, but it can also be a call to others to "come and play". You have said your dog "hears other dogs" which tends to suggest this may be the reason for his barking. He may simply be saying hello back, and indicating he would like to play with them. Does he go on lots of walks so he can socialize with other dogs and run off some energy? (9 months old is still very young, and little dogs are VERY energetic!) More exercise and  new toys may help if this is the cause. Teach him some tricks and reward him generously with lots of pats and verbal praise.
You will certainly find the addition of The Beautiful Balancing Bach Remedy - Chill or Calm will help. (Calm if he's hyperactive and just being a puppy, Chill if the barking is more aggressive). The pre-mixed remedies can be added to the drinking water as well as given orally a few times a day. Anxious/nervous dogs also benefit from a Vit B complex supplement. 
Remember, you need to determine WHY he's barking before you can modify the behaviour. (Apologies if your dog is a female, you didn't say)
Good luck. Let us all know how you go.
Wendy and Bernadette