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Dog Treats
Greenies :: from $1.70 (AUD)

Greenies are hard enough to remove plaque build-up from teeth, but will not chip the teeth of any dog.  They are proven to reduce bad breath and plaque build-up, improve digestion, diminish oral bacteria and provide good nutrition.

One of the key ingredients in Greenies is chlorophyll.  Chlorophyll is a plant extract that provides the breath freshening effect of Greenies.  Other pet chews such as Dentabones do not contain chlorophyll, and as such do not provide the same effects as Greenies.

An Australian firm who was receiving samples of Greenies from the US tell an amazing story about being hauled into the Customs office when the samples arrived.  A dog sniffing the package went ‘wild’ when sniffing the Greenies and customs were certain they had intercepted illegal drugs.  But the sniffer dog was just excited about the aroma of Greenies.

Independent tests conducted by a highly respected research kennel showed that dogs that were fed just one Greenies a day experienced an eight-fold decrease in dental plaque accumulation. Greenies also help freshen a dog's breath, clean and whiten teeth and improve the digestibility of a dog's regular diet.

Seventy per cent of the dogs in the test chose Greenies when given the choice of Greenies and a leading commercial chew treat.

Choosing the correct size for your dog:

Lil'Bits for toy breed dogs, dogs less than 6 months old or dogs who "gulp". These are sprinkled over food and are small,finely chopped Greenies, rather like coffee sugar granules.

Petite for dogs 15-25lbs  (7-11kilos approx)

Regular for dogs 25-50lbs (11-22kilos approx)

Large for dogs 50-100lbs  (22-45 kilos approx)

Jumbo for dogs over 100lbs.  ( 45 kilos plus)


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