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Dog Accessories
DOOG WALKING BELT- Hands Free from $37.00 $35.00 (AUD)

The perfect accessory for walking with your dog. This belt comes in a variety of colours and clips neatly around your waist leaving your hands free for shopping bags, dog toys,pushing strollers, etc. There is a zip for your money or valuables,a small pocket for hand wipes (refillable),another pocket for poo bags and a clip for your dog leash.

Makes a great gift for yourself or for a friend.

More info at the website

The DOOG Walkie Belt is an award winning, innovative new product for dog owners.

It contains everything you need when out walking your dog, all in one handy, lightweight belt.

The belt is designed to free up your hands and your pockets when taking your dog for a walk. No longer will you need plastic bags stuffed in one hand and keys, money and dog lead in the other. And… no more bulky, laden filled trouser or coat pockets!

   Most Innovative
  Product 2008

  1. iPod clip
  2. 20 x Tidy bags
  3. 2 x pockets for holding house keys, phone, money and dog treats
  4. 20 x antibacterial, scented Hand Wipes
  5. Tennis Ball holder
  6. Carabineer for attaching dog lead / hanging belt to a hook by the door

Available in denim with red piping,black,camouflage,green with chocolate and plain red.Please type colour choice and also second colour choicein brackets in Notes box when ordering.

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