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Dog Accessories
Pooch Carrier :: from $44.00 (AUD)

Available in red or pale pink. These small dog carriers can be used 5 different ways.

Designed to provide ergonomic comfort for 'fur-kid' and their owner. It enables pooch to be carried in a variety of positions allowing owner freedom to use both hands. A fashionable creation available in a choice of colours and sizes.

Size 3: Length 36cm, Waist 40cm & Neck 22cm Limited stock available

Size 5: Length 44cm, Waist 56cm & Neck 30cm Limited stock available

Size 3 - Female Maltese
Size 4 - Female Shih Tzu, Male Maltese, Jack Russells
Size 5 - Male Shih Tzu, Female Schnauzer
Size 6 - Male Schnauzer

This product is being discontinued. Not all sizes and colours may be available. Please email before ordering, so we can check if your size and choice is available.If it is OK then please indicate colour in Notes/Comments box when ordering


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